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25.08.2004Photo gallery updates
  During a thorough photo gallery rewrite, some URLs may (and will) suddenly become invalid. Sorry for the inconvenience
10.08.2004FarMobile 1.00 beta 4
  FarMobile 1.00 beta 4 has been released:
15.04.2004Dance descriptions
  Dance descriptions are being constantly updated
xx.01.2004 (?)New 'Dance' section
  A new section, dedicated to dancing, has been opened long ago
25.12.2003Stasie's photos set #4
  Stasie's photos are updated.
17.11.2003Photos from Zilantkon-2003
  Photos from Zilantkon-2003 are uploaded.
11.08.2003FarMobile 1.00 beta 2
  FarMobile 1.00 beta 2 has been released:
16.07.2003JavaScript menu
  In the context of continuing self-education, JavaScrip menu has been made. Alas for those without one...
11.07.2003Photos from Piper '2003
  Photos from Piper '2003 has been uploaded here.
08.07.2003Photos from May Tree '2003
  Photos from May Tree '2003 has been uploaded here.
04.07.2003RESearch 4.15
  RESearch 4.15 has been released:
21.05.2003Redesigned using CSS
  Site somehow redesigned again, now it uses CSS extensively - do not expect working wery well on Opera 6 and IE before 5.0
06.05.2003RESearch 4.10
  RESearch 4.10 has been released:
23.04.2003Family photos
  Some Family photos at last uploaded properly.
21.04.2003RESearch 4.01
  RESearch 4.01 has been released:
06.03.2003FarAttach 2.42
  Far Attach 2.42 has been released:
18.02.2003FarMobile 1.00
  First version of a new project FarMobile - Far plugin accessing mobile phone's phonebook and SMS functions via COM port or IrDA.
14.02.2003Karpats photos
  Photos from Karpats are now being uploaded
28.01.2003New design in work!
  One can say it still does look ugly, but I hope not so as it was before...
27.01.2003Full English and Russian versions
  Both English and Russian versions are present now (surely a lie, both are incomplete). Old URLs are redirected to new locations based on browser language preferences.
27.12.2002Complete redesign started
  At last I found some time to make a complete redesign of my site, but it'll take time to finish...
23.12.2002More photos uploaded
 Now, photos in Labyrinth were updated
20.12.2002News started
 Since now, I'll post site news here (but you won't see it for a while).